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Hi, my name is Julien, the founder of Bubble Addict Okinawa Dive Center. I’ve always been fascinated by the wonders of marine life since I bought my first aquarium as a kid. When I tried scuba for the first time in 2007, I knew this was my calling. In the next few years, I became a scuba diving instructor and started to travel around Southeast Asia to gain more experience.

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Exclusive 1-On-1 Diving Experience

Get stoked for an exclusive dive experience with a laid-back vibe! We’re all about that one-on-one and small group action, customizing each dive for you and your buddies. It’s all about your adventure!

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Certify Your Diving Skills with Us

Join the community of internationally certified divers through our strong partnerships with top scuba diving organizations.

Bubble Addict Okinawa Dive Center is has Ecological Consciousness as top priority

Ecological Consciousness

We are partners of product creators that respect the environment, such as “Reef safe” sun cream, and we often organize “clean up” dives.

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Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication is a breeze with us as we fluently speak English, French, Spanish, and more. Your language preferences are no barrier to your perfect diving experience.

A stunning image of a sea turtle gracefully swimming in the crystal-clear ocean waters.
Witness the beauty of marine life in Okinawa. What a majestic sea turtle gliding through its underwater realm.

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Words from Happy Divers

Jake Collins
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My wife and I wanted a smaller open water dive course and this is just it! Julien and his family were amazing, and he didn’t make any part of the open water course feel rushed at all which made us feel way safer. We have since been back to dive with him and he continues to impress with not only the most beautiful dive sites here in Okinawa, but the best hospitality.

10 times out of 10 would recommend.

Come Dive With Us in Okinawa!