Fun Diver Over Tokei Hama Reef

Okinawa Fun Dives: Ideal for Solo Divers and Small Groups


Here is everything you need to know about our Fun Dive package.

The Fun Dive is a scuba diving adventure that anyone can enjoy. We spend time learning about you. That way, we can make the Fun Dive fit what you can do, what you like, and how skilled you are.

Embarking on a scuba diving journey with Bubble Addict Dive Center is a fantastic chance to form new friendships, bond with nature, and record unerasable memories. Allow us to guide you in discovering the mesmerizing world that lies beneath the water’s surface!

What is Included

Our Fun Dive packages include everything you need for a fantastic day of diving, all for one affordable price.

Diving equipment is provided, so all you need to bring are a towel and swimsuit.

We offer optional equipment for rent, such as underwater cameras and video cameras.

This gives diver enthusiasts the ability to capture their adventures or keep an eye on their diving details. These features show our unwavering commitment to providing a safe, rich, and user-friendly diving experience for everyone.

The package also includes all diving fees and charges. You don’t have to worry about extra costs once aboard. The single Fun Dive package price covers all dives, taxes, and fees.

We will go to diverse, non-mainstream locations chosen based on weather, conditions, and diver preferences. We know the hidden gems and best spots away from crowded diving locations.

To wrap it up, we arrange Fun Dives with no constraints on the participant count. We are thrilled to cater to even a solo guest for a bespoke diving day that aligns with your specifications. Divers flying solo, you’re welcome here!

Meet and Greet

The day starts by meeting at our cozy cafe. This is your chance to meet Julien and the other divers joining the Fun Dive while enjoying a coffee or tea. We’ll discuss your diving experience, interests, and comfort level to determine the best locations suited for you. Based on conditions, we have a variety of incredible yet accessible sites to consider that showcase the incredible biodiversity beneath the waves.

Once we decide where to head for the day’s adventure, you’ll have a chance to pick up and try on your gear. We provide full diving rental equipment so all you need to bring is your swimsuit and enthusiasm. When the gear is ready to go, we’ll load up and make the short trip out to the chosen dive site. Since our groups are small, we can reach locations off the beaten path and make you feel like you have the ocean all to yourself.

The Dive

We take the time to determine the best dive sites based on conditions and your skill level. With over plenty of sites to choose from, we can find the perfect underwater adventure for you.

It will feel like the ocean belongs to just you and our guides as we submerge into the blue. We take care of all the details so you can simply enjoy the tranquility of breathing underwater and gazing at marine life. Let us introduce you to the magic of scuba diving with a custom Fun Dive.

Our Truck: All Set and Ready for You

Diving can make you thirsty and mess up your hair a bit, right? After a cool dive, we’ve got your back with some chilled and warm drinks before you head back underwater. On our truck, take your pick from soda, juice, water, and sports drinks – the good stuff to keep you hydrated. And if you fancy a warm drink, we’ve got coffee and tea.

Also, nobody likes the feel of dried salt on their skin after an exciting encounter with our aquatic buddies. That’s why we’ve got a freshwater shower on our truck so you can freshen up and rinse off the salt and sand right after your dive.

Post-Dive Debrief

When you return to the Bubble Addict cafe, you will have the opportunity to participate in a relaxing debrief session to discuss the dives with your divemaster and fellow divers. After a day of diving, there’s nothing better than sitting back with a cold drink and a few tasty snacks, sharing stories and going over the highlights of your underwater adventures.

We will provide feedback on your diving techniques and offer tips on how to improve. We’ll also help you log your dives properly in your logbook so you have a record of all your experiences to look back on.


At Bubble Addict Dive Center, your safety is our top priority. Our guides are licensed, certified, and insured SSI professionals with years of experience leading safe and enjoyable dives.

We only take small groups to ensure personal attention and care. Our well-maintained equipment undergoes regular inspections and is sanitized after every use. We carry oxygen and first aid kits on every dive, and our captains closely monitor weather and sea conditions. Divers are matched to sites that fit their experience level and interests.

We enforce responsible buddy diving and make sure all divers are accounted for at all times. Your safety is the most important factor we consider when planning and executing Fun Dives.


To see latest pricing see our pricing page.

The packages are listed in Japanese Yen, cover everything from the necessary equipment, such as tanks and weights, to the transportation to the dive location.

Whether you’re a lone diver or part of a diving squad, our range of packages is suited to cater to all preferences. Our goal is to make outstanding diving experiences within everyone’s reach.

Don’t miss out on this unique diving opportunity and book your Fun Dive today!


Booking a Fun Dive with Bubble Addict Dive Center is simple through WhatsApp or email – check our contact us page to see all options.

Let us know the date you’d like to join a Fun Dive and we’ll check availability and walk you through the booking process.

Booking in advance is recommended as our Fun Dives do fill up, especially during peak season. We look forward to diving with you soon!

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