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About Our Dive Center In Okinawa

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My story

Hi, my name is Julien, the founder of Bubble Addict Okinawa Dive Center. I’ve always been fascinated by the wonders of marine life since I bought my first aquarium as a kid. When I tried scuba for the first time in 2007, I knew this was my calling. In the next few years, I became a certified scuba diving instructor and started to travel around Southeast Asia to gain more experience.

Map location of Bubble Addict's first dive center location on Pulau Weh, Indonesia, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and lush greenery
First Bubble Addict Location on beautiful Indonesian island Pulau Weh

Where it All began

In 2017, I opened my first shop in Pulau Weh, Indonesia. After years of diving in the incredible reefs here, in 2022, I decided to open a second location of Bubble Addict in Okinawa. However, what really blew me away was my first encounter with a manta ray in Komodo that blew me away – we were just a couple meters apart – it was so magical! That’s when I fell in love with sharing these engaging experiences.
Here in Okinawa, the biodiversity continues to astound me. Just last week, we spotted a school of eagle rays cruising by. I wanted to offer divers here more personalized tours since large groups don’t allow for the close connections that mean so much, especially for new divers. That’s why I keep our diving tours small.

Julien with happy divers at the end of the dive in Tokei Hama, Okinawa, Japan
Julien and his group of happy divers at the end of the dive in Tokei Hama, Okinawa, Japan

Be part of our story

Balancing family life with my diving passion comes naturally because my family also loves nature. And that’s what you get with Bubble Addict, a family business vibe. You become part of our family. And there’s always more I want to explore – maybe opening another location someday. If you’ve never dived before but are curious, always remember – all it takes is putting your mind to it. I’d love to help you discover the wonders underwater. 

Give me a call (or catch me on WhatsApp), and let’s go for a dive!

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