Dive Center

Diving Packages and Prices

Fun dive

Shore dive
From ¥9500 per dive
  • Full diving gear rental included
  • All diving fees included
  • Diverse Diving Adventures
  • No minimum paticipants required, we organise Fun dive even for 1 guest

Boat dive

Dive North Okinawa with Private boat
from ¥13900 per dive
  • Full diving gear rental included
  • All diving fees included
  • Private Boat for our group
  • No minimum paticipants required, we organise Boat Dive even for 1 guest


All skill levels
from ¥18000 per course
  • Full diving gear rental included
  • All diving fees included
  • Diverse Diving Adventures
  • No minimum paticipants required, we organise Dive Courses even for 1 student

All inclusive
Dive trip

Get a custom offer
  • Organised accommodation
  • Pick up & drop off at the Airport
  • Private boat for our group only
  • Full diving gear rental included


Yes, our dive center, transparency is key. We include all costs in our prices, encompassing complete diving equipment and instructor fees, to ensure there are no unexpected expenses or ‘bad surprises.’

All you need to bring are swimsuits and a towel.

We accept payment by cash, credit card (with 5% charge) or TransferWise (1.5% charge in any currency).

We recommend using Wise since it is one of the cheapest ways to pay your expenses during your travel around the world. The charge is only 0,9% in any currency and the money transfer only takes a few hours. 

Click on this link to create a free account and first transfer free of charge.

According to current industry standards, it is essential to undergo Scuba Refresh training if you haven’t been diving for a continuous period of 6 months or more.

This refresher course ensures your safety and competence when returning to the underwater world.

SSI offers a human-oriented approach to teaching, placing a strong emphasis on safety while often being a more budget-friendly choice.

Both SSI and PADI enjoy global recognition in the diving community, offering you a wide range of choices.

The best way to get to Okinawa is to fly to Naha, the capital of Okinawa.

If you are coming from Europe, take a flight that goes through Kyoto or Tokyo to get a better price.


CAR RENTAL NAHA AIRPORT: This is the best way to travel in Okinawa. Your stay will be more flexible and pleasant. It is preferable to travel by car in Okinawa because of the distances to be covered and for more independence.

Be sure to bring your driving license or your valid international

See a map below for more details or contact us for guidance.

There is no minimum number of people required. We organise every activity for individuals too.

The maximum group size is limited to four people, ensuring a tailored and personalized learning experience that prioritizes both teaching and safety.

No. All diving events are booked in advance and we adapt to your schedule.

What others say about Bubble Addict

Xavier L
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Excellent service tailor made to suit your needs and interest. Whether you have never touched water before or already are a certified Diver, Julien @ Bubble Addict Okinawa will be your go to guy for an amazing diving experience in the North of Okinawa. The diving spots in the area offer a great variety of corals, colorful fishes and sea turtles.
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On the very day of the dive, we met up at the cute little coffee shop "Soma Café" Julien's wife ran, picked up the gear and did 2 dives in Motobu, northern part of Okinawa. Dive sites were carefully selected to fit our level in/out of the water. While visibility was not at its greatest on the day we dove, we saw spreads of beautiful corals (soft and hard), anemone fishes, schools of sardines, a variety of nudibranchs, some interesting critters and a sea snake! Diving with Julien was like diving with an experienced friend. He was fun, easy going, flexible and yet would keep an eye on you. A huge plus Julien speaks French and English fluently. Last but not least, thanks to Julien my husband and I finally have bubble making pictures of ourselves! Merci et à la prochaine!
Ben R
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I can't say enough good things about Julien! I'll try to keep it brief. Diving in Okinawa is tough. It seems like most diving agencies on the island throw the rulebook out the window in the search for more money. Not the case with Bubbles Addict Okinawa, very professional and safe. We had 3 days of amazing dives on the northern part of the island on sites that hardly anyone gets to see. He was just the right amount of professional too. We talked and became good friends even before our first dive. He insisted on helping with donning my gear and making sure I was comfortable and ready before every dive. In the water, he was a great guide too! He understood my interests in the water and was able to provide an amazing dive everytime at the pace for my skill level. Julien is truly a hidden gem. He's a good friend now and a dive buddy for life. Oh! And He'll give you a free coffee at his cafe before/after your dive.
bmok c
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Julien organized this trip to Ishigaki from Okinawa in November during the Manta season. The entire trip was a lot of fun. We were in total 7 people and had spectacular encounters with many many manta rays. I was fully satisfied with the organization of our accommodation and transportation around the island. We had a local guide with his own boat who brought us to some absolutely beautiful site. In summary: I'm waiting for the mantas to come back to go there again.
Kara M
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My husband and I started our diver certification process with Julien to get to our final destination of diving with Mantas! Julien is an excellent instructor - very patient as well as knowledgeable. He loves to dive and loves the ocean. With having the cafe as well he creates a third place environment where you feel a part of a community. Our trip was excellent and we will continue to dive with Bubble Addicts while on island.
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