Scuba: Big Groups vs. Individual Dives – Your Best Fit?

Diving into the underwater wonders of the world is an exhilarating adventure that captures the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you find yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Okinawa, Japan, or exploring exotic dive sites around the globe, there’s one decision that every diver must make: to join a group dive or venture out on an individual or small group experience. Let’s dive in and explore the unique benefits and considerations of each approach.

Large Group Dives

Large Group dives have their advantages and disadvantages that divers should consider before making a decision.


  1. Social Experience: Group dives present the opportunity to meet and socialize with other divers who share a passion for exploration.
  2. Shared Costs: Group dives often come at a more affordable price point since the expenses, such as renting equipment and hiring a guide, are divided among participants. This allows divers on a budget to enjoy the underwater wonders of Okinawa without breaking the bank.
  3. Potential for Larger Marine Life Encounters: With more divers present, group dives can attract larger marine creatures easier, such as manta rays or whale sharks.
  4.  Photography and videography support: For larger groups, there may be more than one diver interested in taking photographs or shooting video.

However, it is important to note that while group dives are relatively common and offered by many dive centers in Okinawa, finding small group experiences can be more challenging.


  1. Limited Individual Attention: In a group setting, it may be challenging for the dive guide to provide personalized attention to each participant. While they strive to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, it can be difficult to address individual needs and concerns during the dive. This can impact the overall experience, especially for beginners who require more guidance and support.
  2. Potential for Chaos: A large group can lead to a more chaotic dive experience, especially in terms of managing logistics and maintaining group cohesion underwater. The excitement and enthusiasm of numerous divers can sometimes create distractions and compromise the tranquility of the underwater environment. This may result in a less tranquil and immersive dive.
  3. Limited Dive Sites: Commercial dive centers often have set dive sites that they visit regularly. In a large group, these sites can become crowded, and divers may miss out on exploring more secluded or diverse underwater locations. Limited options can lead to repetitive diving experiences for frequent visitors.
  4. Rushed Schedules: Commercial dive centers often operate on tight schedules, especially when accommodating large groups. This can result in rushed briefings, quick turnarounds between dives, and limited surface intervals. Divers might feel pressured to adhere to strict timelines, impacting their relaxation and enjoyment between dives.
  5. Environmental Impact: Large groups, if not properly managed, can unintentionally cause damage to fragile marine ecosystems. Reefs and underwater life can be harmed by inexperienced divers who may accidentally touch or kick delicate corals and disturb marine life. Commercial dive centers must be diligent in educating divers to minimize their environmental impact, but this can be challenging in a large group setting.
  6. Equipment Quality and Maintenance: In busy commercial dive centers, equipment turnover is high, and sometimes the quality and maintenance of gear can suffer. Divers might end up with equipment that doesn’t fit properly or isn’t well-maintained, which can compromise safety and comfort underwater.
  7. Less Freedom: In larger groups, dive plans and routes are often predetermined to ensure the safety of all participants. This can limit the freedom of more experienced divers who prefer to explore at their own pace and choose their own dive paths. The group may need to adhere to a more conservative plan, which might not be as satisfying for experienced divers.
  8. Limited Interaction with Marine Life: In a big group, the presence of many divers can scare away marine life. Smaller creatures might hide, and larger animals could swim off, reducing the opportunities for divers to observe and interact with underwater wildlife. This limits the overall experience, especially for those seeking close encounters with marine creatures.
  9. Communication Challenges: Underwater communication can be challenging even in small groups, and it becomes even more difficult in large groups. Signals and messages from the dive guide might not reach all divers, leading to confusion and potential safety risks, especially in emergency situations.
  10. Inconsistent Skill Levels: Large groups often consist of divers with varying skill levels. Beginners might feel intimidated or pressured to keep up with more experienced divers, while advanced divers might find the pace too slow. Balancing the needs of divers with different skill levels can be a challenge for dive guides and instructors.

Individual and Small Group Dives

Diving as an individual provides a more intimate and personal experience than diving in a large group. Let’s explore both the pros and cons of this approach.



  1. Customization: Opting for an individual or small group dive allows for greater customization of the dive experience. Divers can communicate their preferences, interests, and skill levels, allowing the dive guide to tailor the experience accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that each diver’s unique needs and expectations are taken into account, enhancing the overall satisfaction of the dive.
  2. Enhanced Safety: In a smaller group, safety can be more effectively managed. Dive guides can closely monitor each individual, ensuring a higher level of attention and overall safety during the dive. This close supervision allows for better guidance, communication, and swift response to any potential issues that may arise. Divers can feel more secure knowing that a dedicated professional is looking out for their well-being.
  3. Flexibility and Freedom: Small group dives often offer more flexibility in terms of dive site choices and dive durations. You can embark on thrilling underwater explorations that might not be possible with larger groups. Plus, since there are fewer divers, you’ll have more freedom to explore at your own pace and capture those picture-perfect moments.
  4. Personalized Attention: When you dive in a small group, you receive individualized attention from the dive guide. They can tailor the experience to match your skill level, interests, and goals. From beginners looking for extra guidance to experienced divers seeking unique challenges, you’ll feel like a VIP underwater!
  5. Closer Bonding and Sense of Community: Small group dives foster a close-knit community feeling. You’ll have the opportunity to build genuine connections with your fellow divers, sharing awe-inspiring marine sightings, swapping stories, and maybe even planning future diving adventures together. It’s like being a member of your own family, and all the joys and stresses that come with it.

  6. Less Environmental Impact: With smaller group sizes, the impact on the delicate marine ecosystem is significantly reduced. You’ll have a chance to witness marine life in their natural habitat without overwhelming them. It’s a win-win situation: you get to experience the beauty of underwater life while contributing to its preservation.

  7. Wildlife Interactions: Smaller groups tend to have a quieter and more peaceful presence underwater. This creates a better opportunity for wildlife encounters. Imagine swimming alongside curious sea turtles, majestic manta rays gracefully gliding past you, or even catching a glimps

However, it’s worth noting that diving centers offering individual or small group excursions may be harder to find, as many tend to focus on larger operations due to high demand and capacity.


Scuba diver enjoying the panoramic view from the back of the boat



While small group diving offers a more intimate and personalized experience, there are a few cons worth mentioning. Here are three additional considerations for you:

  1. Higher Cost: Since the expenses are not divided among a larger group, individual or small group dives tend to be pricier compared to group dives. The increased cost is mainly due to the personalized attention, customization, and oftentimes, exclusive access to dive sites. However, the enhanced experience and personalized attention often make it worth the investment for divers seeking a more intimate and immersive underwater adventure.
  2. Limited Availability: Finding dive centers that offer individual or small group dives can sometimes be a challenge. Many centers tend to specialize in larger group dives due to high demand and capacity. So, you might need to do a bit more research and planning to secure your spot on a small group adventure. But trust me, the extra effort is totally worth it!
  3. Potentially Limited Social Interaction: While some divers enjoy the solitude and tranquility of diving alone or with a small group, others may miss the social aspect and camaraderie that group dives provide. The opportunity to bond with fellow divers, share experiences, and create new friendships can sometimes be missed during individual or small group dives. However, this can also be an advantage for those seeking a more introspective and peaceful dive experience.


In conclusion, both group and individual/small group dives have their own merits and drawbacks. Group dives offer a social and cost-effective option that allows for encounters with larger marine life and the opportunity to meet like-minded diving enthusiasts. Although dive centers usually cater to larger groups, finding small group experiences can be more challenging. On the other hand—individual or small group dives provide a more personalized and flexible experience.

Diving with a private guide can be an excellent option for those who are more concerned with maximizing the enjoyment of their dive experience than they are concerned about cost or socializing.


A group of ecstatic divers capture the perfect selfie by the sea

Are you up for an exciting decision? Ready to enjoy the thrill and flexibility of diving alone or with a few buddies? Think of every moment under water, custom-made so you can make lasting memories. The cool underwater world is ready for you. Can you hear it calling? Now is the moment to join the Bubble Addict family and start an incredible adventure. Let’s make a splash together, creating awesome moments that will make us say “wow”.

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